Especially for the Eid 2014 the whole fashion market is getting crowded with the fashionable ready made kurta designs. For the men and boys kurtas are always taken as one of the favorite clothing choices for wedding functions and Eid festivals as well. For Eid functions as well men make the first choice of wearing kurta that make their personality classy and decent for others. There are many brands that are coming forward in the market with their kurta collections for men and boys. Kurtas are paired with the trousers and loose salwars. For fashionable touch you can make the choice of pairing the kurta with jeans as well. This idea will make the kurtas catchier. Kurtas are all adorned with the embroidery that is set over the neckline, collars and cufflinks. For the men of older age’s simple and plain form of kurtas are even introduced as well.

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